20 Surprising Health Benefits of Turmeric

20 Surprising Health Benefits of Turmeric

The 9 Best Probiotic Foods That Aren't Yogurt

The 9 Best Probiotic Foods That Aren't Yogurt

Your New Antidepressant Goes Remarkably Well With Blueberries  http://www.prevention.com/mind-body/probiotics-antidepressants?cid=soc_Prevention%2520Magazine%2520-%2520preventionmagazine_FBPAGE_Prevention__

Your New Antidepressant Goes Remarkably Well With Blueberries

4 steps to heal leaky gut syndrome symptoms. Very helpful with supplements and foods to avoid and foods to add.

4 Steps to Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome and Autoimmune - DrAxe health holistic natural

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Kim Chi, a traditional fermented food from Korea made from cabbage, garlic, chilli and other vegetables is a nourishing food, full of probiotic goodness. It is rich in vitamins and as the vegetables are fermented and pre-digested by the lacto-bacilli naturally present in the vegetables, it enables our bodies to absorb more of the nutrients than eating it raw. Making your own is easy and this version is great for beginners with a milder flavour.

Simple Kim Chi for Beginners

Probiotic, gut healing jellies

Probiotic, gut healing jellies 2 ways ( raspberry kefir and kombucha jellies)

8. Yoghurt: Not only is yoghurt low in fat and calories, so good as a weight loss food, but many yoghurts also contain active cultures (probiotics) which promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut and help with digestion, excess gas and bloating. Yoghurt is luckily easy to fit into any diet plan as …

Are you looking for a Flat Belly to live happily without fats? Well, I have a list of foods that will remove your stubborn belly fat. Only exercise or running can’t give you a flat belly until and unless you go through your diet and start eating right and

Fermenting foods is a great way to get more probiotics. This fermented spicy carrots recipe is a flavorful way to add more cultured foods to your diet.

Cultured Foods: Fermented Spicy Carrots Recipe

♥Manage inflammation with diet and lifestyle choices♥ Incorporate a diet rich in organic, nutrient dense, whole foods, especially, antioxidant loaded fruits and vegetables. Balance your omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acid ratio toward 1:3 or less. Good fats are anti-inflammatory. Also add probiotics with fermented foods Resolve lingering, low-grade infections and other pathogenic conditions.

30-Minute Recipes