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How To Eliminate Foot Odor

Everyday life can get embarrassing for people suffering from foot odor. The minute they take off their shoes, a strong stench emanates and quickly spreads throughout the room. This pungent smell can get worse with the soaring temperatures in summer. We have not one, but nine home remedies for these poor souls. Read on to know more. #Footodor


5 Soaks to Remove Foot Odor

5 Homemade Soaks to Remove Foot Odor. This amazing soaks to remove foot odor is simple effective in kicking out odor-causing culprits...


Miracle Foot Powder - No More Stinky Feet!

Homemade Foot Powder made with Essential Oils. No More Stinky Feet! Enjoy cute free printable labels for gifts and help get rid of that nasty foot odor. Love your feet with this DIY recipe.


Fight food odor naturally! This easy recipe uses essential oils and a warm foot bath to neutralize funky feet. It also includes a great DIY shoe stink killer that uses baking soda to get rid of smelly foot odors inside your shoes. source: Inspired by and


Curing smelly feet is usually a simple matter. Let’s look at 7 methods for getting rid of foul foot odor. #smellyfeet #footodor


Unfortunately my feet get stinky pretty easily (and have been that way since I was a baby) and I wear boots most of the time which doesn't help. It makes me so self conscious when I go to the house of a person who wants guests to leave their shoes at the door. I've seen tons of foot soaks to get rid of stinky feet but I need something to prevent it in the first place.