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NFL Officials Signals - I'm determined to learn all of the signals and obscure rules -I love football!!!

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Need some basic football knowledge? Here's a breakdown of the Basics of Football on my blog Simply Evani!

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Ha, if we actually played by these rules, we'd have so many "unnessisary ruffness" calls they'd be penalized 50 yards behind the endzone! LOL

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This was my attempt to explain a rather simple game, soccer, in four newspaper columns of space. For the 2002 World Cup in Korea/Japan, this boilerplate infographic was created for the many US fans who enjoy watching their kids play on weekends but have a limited understanding of the basic rules. I will create a better version of this for the 2014 WC in Brazil.

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Football Paradise | Kaleidoscope | If a girl understands the offside rule, marry her - An insight into the world of a girl who loves football, and why gender shouldnt matter when it comes to the beautiful game.

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