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Amen!! God restores what 'satan' steals and destroys! He causes All things to work together for our Good.... giving us a life that's Much better and happier than we could ever dream possible! (Sooo good to see the smiles and to hear the life and laughter in her voice again!....God Is Good!!!)

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Won’t wake up.

Wow this is actually really cool I'd read the hell out of that but I don't think I would be able to write that type of story :(

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This filter is gorgeous and literally looks good with everything ! I definitely would recommend this for a feed cause it's pretty easy to match. It does look the best with skin tones , black , grey , white and blue. I wouldn't recommend using the skin tone all the time , cause it might not always look that great , but of course just adjust to your liking. #omgfiltrsmseries #omgfiltrsm6 backup : @acaifilters ---------------------------------------------------- • FREE ALTERNATIVE...

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It was cause Hillary was a lair,corrupt,name calling, police hating candidate and classified information meant nothing to her, if my son did a fraction of what she did, he would go to prison for very long time, saying it was a mistake and she wouldn't do it again meant nothing to me, if daffy duck was running against her I would had voted for daffy. my son is an MP for US Army it would had been stupid for me to vote for her.

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t's not always easy to determine bullying behavior. How do you know if you're the victim of good-natured ribbing or bullying? Hostility and aggression directed towards a victim who is physically or emotionally weaker than the bully are more obvious signs of bullying. This behavior causes pain and distress for the victim.

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All for a Good Cause. ("Kewl"stamps-n-more)

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Absolutely love this filter cause it looks good on literally everything ! Definitely recommend for a feed cause it's really easy to match. It looks the best with blue , white , grey , black and skin tones. Also great if you're looking for a minimalistic feed. ( looks gorgeous on nature pictures as well ) #omgfiltrsmseries #omgfiltrsm5 backup : @acaifilters

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