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Foreground Meaning

Foster Covered Bridge - Cabot, Vermont Here's one that I've been meaning to process for a while, the Milky Way over Foster Covered Bridge in Cabot, Vermont. I was hoping for a better reflection but there were quite a few weeds in the pond, so this about the best I could get for the foreground. This bridge is a replica of one in Marshfield, Vermont. The Marshfield bridge was built around 1890, and this one was built around 1989.

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Paradise on your doorstep: No crime, no traffic, good schools and a GP’s always on call. Such a place exists... in Britain!


Aperture is the opening in the camera that adjusts how much light you want to let in for your photo. The lower the aperture number, (ie: 1.8, 2, 3.5) the more blurred your background will be. (Or foreground if you want to focus on the background.) The higher the aperture number, (ie: 16, 22) the more everything will be in focus. It is good to remember that there is not just one way to take a well-lit photograph-- photography has equivalents. This means that you can have a dark room with an…


nativity oh sweet!! page to colour for children..... frame and you have a keepsake which will become more precious over time..... remember to let the child sign it, along with their age.

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Fol. 2

It’s March! And that means it’s time to bust out the pruning shears (according to the Hours of Henry VIII, anyway).