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On my trip this year I amassed quite the collection of coins from around the place. I always like to keep one or two coins or a small bank note from the places I go, so I'll often pick the one I like the most early on and take it out of my wallet so I don't spend it. But then I'm really bad at spending all my change before I leave so I inadvertently end up with way more than I wanted once I'm home. Especially after I've emptied all my bags and found all the extra coins that found their way…


Use your left over foreign coins as magnets to use on fridge or board. Great way to display momentos from your trip.


Foreign Coin Display- this will be great for the coins I have from Japan


World Coin Collecting: Coins with Holes (Holed Coins)

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How to Clean Coins With Coke

How to Clean Coins With Coke. Cleaned, then framed some of our foreign coins. Looks really good!

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The foreign money jar gets some inspiration

The foreign money jar gets some inspiration | Cultural Jet Lag

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DIY Charm Bracelet

DIY charm bracelet, DIY on What I Wore, Coin bracelet, How to make a coin bracelet, WIW DIY, Jessica Quirk, What I Wore, Style Blog

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DIY Charm Bracelet: Foreign Coins - Crafts Unleashed

If you have a lot of foreign coins laying around from past trips, upcycle them into a fun DIY charm bracelet! Keep reading for the how-to.