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DIY Charm Bracelet: Foreign Coins - Crafts Unleashed

If you have a lot of foreign coins laying around from past trips, upcycle them into a fun DIY charm bracelet! Keep reading for the how-to.

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Out go the pennies...... On the 14 th February 1966 I wish the US would follow suit and stop making pennies especially since it takes more to make them than they're worth! : )

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On my trip this year I amassed quite the collection of coins from around the place. I always like to keep one or two coins or a small bank note from the places I go, so I'll often pick the one I like the most early on and take it out of my wallet so I don't spend it. But then I'm really bad at spending all my change before I leave so I inadvertently end up with way more than I wanted once I'm home. Especially after I've emptied all my bags and found all the extra coins that found their way…

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Use your left over foreign coins as magnets to use on fridge or board. Great way to display momentos from your trip.

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Shadow box with map and quote backing used to display European coins from my travels

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