25 Ethereal Makeup Transformations to DIY Your Halloween 'Fairy' Tale
Gowns Pagan Wicca Witch:  Faery #gown ~ Lena: Ferns, Moss, Thistles, Magnolia seed pod, Vines.
Wow!  Want to stick out in a crowd?  Branch wings
Green is good. A makeup look and tutorial. | Wonder Forest: Design Your Life.
Woodland fae ~ love the feather and vine headdress, face makeup and 'dirty hands' | via Facebook by BeaB Photographie
Wood+Nymph+Costume | Wood Fairy, Costume Hire Direct
Before and after modifications to basic wedge shoes for my Poison Ivy costume. Starfest here I come!
Since I've been doing such wearable looks for the past few entries, I decided to amp it up a bit. Expect more like this in the future! Ok, start by putting on a light base, I used Aromaleigh Voile powder in White [it might be called Ghost White, I can't remember] over my normal base to make my…
Fairy Costume Corset Woodland Fairy Costume Top by FairyNanaLand, $175.00 by irenepo