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The pines were a wall of fortitude and she felt safe amongst them, but she was scared of what would happen when they thinned out and eventually disappeared.

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Dark and deep, and full of sleep. A wood that lulled, and later culled. Its whispers sweet, were veiled deceit. But I had not guessed that it might confess these long mastered secrets to me.

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This arial shot of the rode, could be representative of the drive up the Boyd House driveway through the bush

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Meri shuddered in the growing darkness. The forest seemed to shrink around her. She could no longer perceive the hoof prints of Oriana's horse. Had she come this way?

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Ever find yourself sacrificing to get any sign of affection, kindness or love? Why do some of us accept so little in a relationship? Join me to flip the switch. Learn how to switch from scarcity to real love in this show.

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