Forestry wiki's cool looking but I kinda feel bad for the tree, godmother would call this a tortured tree

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Brown long-eared bat. Equipped with ears almost the same length as its body, this widely distributed tree dweller, found in woodlands such as, Northamptonshire’s Fineshade Woods, doesn’t have to pursue prey in flight; it picks off invertebrates from leaves and bark. Credit: Getty.

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Theodore Roosevelt and John Muir at Grizzly Giant Tree, Yosemite National Park, 1903

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The Oostvaardersplassen is a nature reserve in the Netherlands, which is managed by the State Forestry Service. Covering about 56 square kilometres , it is noted as an example of rewilding. It is in a polder which was created in 1968, but in spite of the environment having little time to develop, by 1989 it had international importance as a Ramsar wetland.[1] ( Interesting and nice to read the article on : ...

Suffolk Punch-From Wiki-English breed draft horse always chestnut, from county of Suffolk, Punch from solid appearance and strength, good doers, energetic gait especially trot, pulled artillery, commercial vans & buses, used in forestry, advertising, crossbreeding, farm work

Forestry for Minecraft Wiki : Main / Forestry for Minecraft : browse

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Google earth map showing the location of several Greenwood Management forestry sites in Brazil. For reference the city of Barreiras, Bahia state can be seen on the left.

Learn the Basics of Tree Structure: Parts of a Tree, Use the Flower, Cone and Fruit to Identify a Tree

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Apios Institute | Edible Forest Garden Wiki - Useful Plant Species - Regenerative Agriculture - Edible Landscaping | Regenerative Perennial Agriculture for Temperate Climate Ecosystems

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