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Forever Aloe Lips for sore lips and cracked nipples when breast feeding. - follow the online store link

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Use natural #Aloe for preserving those luscious #lips. Forget dry, chapped skin and uncover smooth, moisturised lips for every season with Forever Aloe Lips.

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Forever Sun Lips™ is a soothing lip balm that helps to protect the delicate tissues of our lips from the sun and wind, while also offering the cooling sensation of mint!

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Forever Aloe Lips™ soothes, smoothes and moisturizes chapped and dry lips The soothing properties of Aloe Vera are ideally suited to care for your lips. Aloe, jojoba and beeswax combine to create the finest all-season lip product on the market today. Need help? Buy it

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Like a first aid box in a stick! Available from 60 day money back guarantee

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Aloe Lips

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** Feel Clean ** Aloe Scrub, Aloe Mositurizing Lotion, Tooth Gel, Aloe Lips, Hand Sanitiser

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