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Most jurisdictions have had laws defining and punishing stalking, harassment, and bullying for some time. With electronic communication becoming the primary form of communication, most jurisdictions have had to address the issue of cyberstalking, harassment, and bullying. As a result, cyber harassment laws, which are designed to prosecute these types of attacks, now exist in many jurisdictions.


Disaster Communication for Preppers

Preppers must be ready and open to all forms of communication in the event of a disaster | Basic survival skills at #survivalskills #survivaltips #offgridsurvival


Texting is one of the biggest forms of communication in today’s world. From being able to send an important message without the lag time of a phone ringing or having to leave a voicemail, to sending passively funny statements and exchanging pictures and emojis, it’s become more than just a means of communication, but a […]

Презентация "Почему содержание курирование является новой формой общения" (на англ)

"Music is the most powerful form of communication in the world. It brings us all together. Even religion separates us, but a hit record unites us across religious beliefs, race, politics.", Sean Combs

This recording describes a dimension of emotional bullying in which one individual speaks within emotion to another and how that form of communication is actually emotional bullying. Why is this emotional bullying? What was it about the individuals in this case study that made it emotional bullying rather than a dynamic of support?

This petition seeks to cease ALL unsupervised forms of communication for the Self proclaimed FLDS Cult leader Warren S Jeffs. As long as this psychopathic Monster is allowed to communicate to his luitenants, innocent men, women and children are continuing to be raped, separated, starved and abused in...


The 8th graders at HMS have been learning how art is form of communication…

We should ask ourselves what the most useful forms of communication would be, should the grid ever go down permanently; not only to keep in touch with other