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23 Incredibly Helpful Charts For New Parents ** NO baby should have anything more than breastmilk or formula until at least 6 months per AAP & WHO due to virgin gut***
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Natural & Organic Baby Formula Options  These natural and organic baby formula options are alternatives to store bought formula, which often contains artificial ingredients.
Make your own single serving packets of baby formula using reusable freeze pop bags (I got mine at Walmart) they hold up to at least a 6oz serving. The pre-packaged ones from Enfamil only hold 4oz.
Great chart explaining how to take care of milk in a bottle be it breast milk or formula
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Homemade ice cream baby food  I made for Zeke :) .. mix one scoop of your babies formula with 2oz of water and a can of your babies favorite fruit (reuse the baby food containers should make a little over two half jars 4oz of ice cream) freeze and feed baby .. they will love it !!! And its completely healthy !!
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If your little one is formula fed, you will know that the cost of formula adds up very quickly! Check out the best, least expensive, cheapest way to buy baby formula.