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Formula Drift

1974. LX Grand Prix de France. Dijon- Prenois. Ronnie Peterson go the the victory in the GP in the Lotus 72E. His way to the victory...


Crowned Buddha Shakyamuni India, Bihar; Pala period (c.8th - 12th century), 11th century In this depiction, an ornamented Buddha is surrounded by four smaller images of himself, each of which represents an important scene from his life. The placement of the inscription (the Buddhist consecratory formula) on the pedestal of the image rather than near the figure's head and its paleography suggests that it may be later in date than the image itself.


Dan Gurney (Eagle-Weslake V12) leading David Hobbs (Bernard White Racing BRM 2.0 V8) and Bruce McLaren (red McLaren-BRM V12)


Alisa Liskin Clausen; Deboos1 rev. Lili ^6 Ox.; Recipe Name: Deboos 1 Rev. Lili, Cone: 6; Firing: Oxidation; Surface: Matt; Amount Ingredient: 35.3 Nepheline Syenite, 29.4 Ball Clay--Old Mine #4, 29.4 Dolomite, 59 Silica, 153.1 Total; Unity Oxide .143 Na2O .051 K2O .384 MgO .422 CaO 1.000 Total .405 Al2O3 .008 Fe2O3 3.991 SiO2 .011 TiO2 9.9 Ratio, 6 Exp found on