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Discovering the Formula for Area of a Triangle!


Circles and Area with Kandinsky from DocRunning Education on - (35 pages) - Using Kandinsky-inspired designs, students apply deductive reasoning to determine the formula for areas and circumference of circles. We learn what we experience!


Help your students remember the formula for area of a triangle but discovering it for themselves! Check out this interactive, student-led lesson from The Primary Gal.


This is a quick easy formula flipbook that can either be made into one long one or two smaller ones. Formulas for area, perimeter, and circumferences, grades 5-8

from eHow

Paper Pie Memory Matching Game for Thanksgiving

Game: This game would need to be altered to fit the content, but I love the idea of having a memory/matching game as part of a learning center. The pies are a punny way to incorporate circles. For my unit, I would use formulas for diameter, radius, circumference, and area instead of matching by design. For example, students would match the radius with the formula for area.

How to find formula for area of circle: 1. Mark three diameters of a paper plate 2. Cut pieces and line up like teeth *make a parallelogram!* 3. Trace outline of parallelogram 4. Use formula of parallelogram to find formula for area of circle

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Area & Perimeter Resource

Shows the difference and formulas for area and perimeter. Great for students who confuse the two. ESOL and Special needs.

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Geometry Resources

Formula for Area of a Triangle