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Derive the formula for a parallelogram using only the formula for the area of a rectangle. It should make more sense for the student!

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Area Notes and Practice Worksheet

This 4 page lesson includes a page that details the formulas for finding the area of a square, rectangle, triangle, parallelogram and trapezoid. The second and third pages are practice problems. Answer Keys included!


Math Journal Sundays


Colorful visual representation of area formulas for rectangles, triangles, parallelogram, triangles, trapezoids, and circles. Great addition to the classroom for elementary education and extremely helpful for remembering area!

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Area and Perimeter Math Tasks and Exit Tickets

Area and Perimeter:This math set is tied directly to the fourth grade common core MD.3: This set is the perfect tool to teach your students the third Measurement and Data standard in the common core. By completing the activities in this set, your students will understand how to apply area and perimeter formulas for rectangles in real world and mathematical problems.

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Perimeter Powerpoint and Worksheets - Common Core Aligned

This Powerpoint and worksheet pack covers 4th grade Common Core Standards 4.MD.3. (Apply the area and perimeter formulas for rectangles in real wor...

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Area and Perimeter - Design a House Project

Looking for a creative way to test your students' skills on perimeter and area? In this project, students are told that they will be designing, p...

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Formula Review Foldable - Area Rectangle, Parallelogram, Triangle, Trapezoid

Students will review area formulas for rectangles, parallelograms, triangles and trapezoids with this foldable that is perfect for interactive journals. Must be printed front and back. Two practice problems for each figure included for a total of eight problems. Quick and easy prep! Just print and go!