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Forrest Gump Novel

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Gump & Co. by Winston Groom in Jessica's Garage Sale in Humphrey , NE for $0.50. This novel is in good condition. Price: 0.50 Plus Shipping Story description below... Forrest Gump captured our hearts in the #1 New York Times bestselling novel Forrest Gump, and in the blockbuster film, winner of six Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Actor. Now he returns in the long-awaited sequel to the book hailed by Larry King as "the funniest novel I have ever read.%2 ...

Forrest Gump - 1994 - I can't think of a movie from the last 20 years that has been more unfairly criticized than this warm and inviting epic loosely based on the wonderful Winston Groom novel of the same name.


Forrest Gump Vs The Shawshank Redemption. Book worms ! Your much awaited novel based film written by two renowned authors in Literature is in motion. #TomHanks #TimRobbins #MorganFreeman VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE!!!

Why It Took 'Forrest Gump' Author Nearly 20 Years To Write A New Novel


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The Oscar-winning favorite <i>Forrest Gump</i> was actually a novel by the same name <i>first</i>, though author Winston Groom did admit that the film cleaned up the main character.

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25 Famous Movies That You Might Not Know Were Based On Books

Forrest Gump by Winston Groom, published 1986. Groom’s novel actually has quite a few key differences than the 1994 blockbuster film. Most noticeably the ending, read the book and learn what it is.


Groom returned to Alabama in 1986 and created his now-famous character, Forrest Gump. The novel had respectable sales, but was not a best-seller and Groom moved on to other projects. Forrest was resurrected in the surprise film hit of 1994. Forrest Gump won Best Picture, and the re-release of the novel sold 1.7 million copies. Groom has since written a sequel, Gump & Co., and published several books of gumpisms and Gump recipes.