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“Forrest Gump” Turns 18

Observation 1: Introduction Forrest Gump met Jenny Curran on his first day of school. The two became close friends, as she was one of the few people to accept Forrest as he was. Forrest remained faithful to Jenny as the years passed. The two eventually wed and have a son, but Jenny passes away soon after. Forrest buries her beside the tree where they would often times hang out as children.

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Forest Gump (1994). Famous bench in Chippewa Square in Savannah, GA. #Savannah #NoBoysAllowed

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This 98-Sq-Ft Trailer Looks Tiny But Hidden Inside Is A BIG Surprise!

To borrow from Forrest Gump (or to be more specific, Forrest’s momma), tiny houses are like a box of chocolates. You know never what you’re gonna to get — and it’s so very true. The façade of a tiny house, much like the exterior of a box of chocolates, can look like any other humdrum suburban... View Article

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Tom Hanks disappoints in 1994 Forrest Gump screen test

In Vietnam sometimes men get sent home to their mamas without legs, sometimes they don't go home at all...and that's all I have to say about that.

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