The power you give your TV (TV = media, marketing, politics, etc.) That's not true for Free Thinkers! We're a far bigger threat to corporations!

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#4 smartphone tools to help avoid skin cancer - Fox News: Fox News 4 smartphone tools to help avoid skin cancer Fox News One in five…

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Here are the actual facts versus what you hear. Let us fight those who wish to divide us...

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Those who eagerly watch "faux" news and believe all the obvious lies do not realize how unintentionally hilarious they are when they speak. They have been thoroughly brainwashed to be paranoid and delusional and when they repeat the stupid lies they heard on Fox "news" I find myself biting my tongue because I want to say straight to their face..."Can you really NOT hear or comprehend how ridiculous you sound?"

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No that's not a problem because Fox News never reported it ... That's just crazy liberal talk

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As Media Matters has documented, Fox News is a reliable source of misinformation on clean energy, and has aggressively attacked efforts to move America away from a fossil fuel dependent economy.

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