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Foxconn Suicides

2012/02/10 – Foxconn Suicides, Cheap Electronics and “Apple’s Values.”

Apple Suicide Nets | ... 10 – Foxconn Suicides, Cheap Electronics and “Apple’s Values

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Apple removes iPhone game based on Foxconn suicides from App Store

Apple has banned a politically charged iPhone game that tackles human rights issues associated with mass-produced electronics. Benjamin Poynter's In A Permanent Save State is a surreal and...

Foxconn Suicides. She was only 24 when she jumped off the Foxconn building on a warm, sunny day in May. She fell to her death.

In response to the recent string of Foxconn apparent suicides, an armless man in Shenzhen writes a motivational message with feet-calligraph...

Longer term, it has to advance on the promises of the five-year plan issued last year. That is, it has to reduce its dependence on exports and raise the share of the economy that is devoted to domestic consumption. This is a political question as much as an economic problem. I thank you Firozali A.Mulla DBA

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