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Mandelbrot solidified hundreds of years of thought and mathematical development in coining the word "fractal" and illustrated his mathematical definition with striking computer-constructed visualizations.


An eclectic mix of history, biography, philosophy, number theory, geometry, probability, huge numbers, and mind-bending problems Contains factoids, anecdotes, definitions, quotations, and captivating challenges that range from fun, quirky puzzles to insanely difficult problems.

from Live Science

A new mathematical definition of chaos, the propensity of systems to quickly spiral into unpredictability, could reveal situations where chaos could bloom.


...Many pro-life groups claim humanity at the moment of conception. Thus, by definition, a zygote (pictured above) has a right to life. Like moral personhood and the definition of "right to life,"...


The Snowflake Fractal: I wonder if this could work for teaching students essay writing? Not so sure the logical approach to novel writing would work... but this is definitely something to consider for teaching planning and development.