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Wall Framing Tips for New Construction

WALL FRAME. Supports the ceiling, upper floor levels, roof. And serves as a nailing base for the finish wall. Wall framing is very important in building a home.


Notarosa by Titan Tiny Homes

The 250 sq.ft. Notarosa uses steel stud construction and other weight-reducing materials that make it 33% lighter than most wood framed tiny houses.


Screen Porch Construction

Screen Porch Construction Diy You can add a spacious, airy outdoor porch to your home. We'll show you everything you need to complete the project yourself, including how to frame the porch, attach it to your house and all of the finishing details. Sure, it'll take a lot of time and work, but once it's done, you can beat the bugs and spend more time outdoors during the summer.


Save Time and Wood with QuikStix Metal Framing System

metal stud construction | quikstix metal studs framing Save Time and Wood with QuikStix Metal ...