The best of the Basque Country France (yes it's not just Spain!)-Elegant seaside resorts, picturesque mountain villages, deep-rooted traditions, festive spirit ... the Northern Basque Country deploys all its facets between ocean, green hills and Pyrenees. Browse it through 30 iconic sites. © Tilio & Paolo -

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Pointe de Dinan sur la Presqu'ile de Crozon | Finistère | Bretagne | #myfinistere #crozon #dinan

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So you're interested in moving to France for a while huh? Discover 11 things about France when you move there. And yes, cheap wine is one of them...but what you may not be expecting is the amount of bureaucracy the country has when it comes to simple things. This is not like any travel blog post you've read before.

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Best day trips you can easily take from Nice, France - with modes of transport!

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Ireland The tech boom in Dublin has positioned Ireland as one of the leading destinations for globe-trotting techies. its proximity to Continental Europe, outstanding work benefits, low crime rate, great healthcare, raucous nightlife, and of course, all the Guinness you can drink, You do, have to get used to the damp weather. And people rolling their eyes when you go on about how your family was originally from Cork. Sigh. Where to find work: Tech, finance, healthcare, and medical…

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