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Beautiful Montrésor in the Loire Valley of France • photo: Jacinthe Brault on RedBubble

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Lake Annecy ~ located at the heart of Savoy Alps in south eastern, France

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Les chateaux de la Loire, France. Photos by Alix Bancourt --- they were all within driving distance when we lived in Orleans ...

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#Paris #France .. Photo by: @wonguy974 .. #Facts The Eiffel Tower is 6 inches taller in the summer. In the summer heat the steel structure tends to expand. The Eiffel Tower was originally painted red. It appeared in red color in the center of Paris in 1889. A woman married the Eiffel Tower in a commitment ceremony in 2007. She is an objectophilia. Erika LaBrie in the past she became Erika Eiffel. Эйфелева башня на 6 дюймов выше в летнее время. В летнюю жару стальная конструкция имеет тен...

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Lovely medieval walled city, St. Malo, France. We found a beautiful, deserted sandy beach not far from here - perfect!

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Troyes | France (The Landrover made it over the Alps, we’re 6 days in and just outside Modena Italy - MTB’d in the Alps, driven through Switzerland & the Rhone Valley, and had lunch at Wes Andersons Café in Milan today. 40deg heat. Utterly amazing) Photo: ollyjelley

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Château de Maintenon in Eure-et-Loir, France • photo: Lionel Lourdel on Photononstop. DE LA BELLA Y LEGENDARIA FRANCIA.

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