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Frankenberry ~~~ I just had to have this cereal and then what did I do? I proceeded to eat EVERY marshmallow in the box! I was sick all night long and have NEVER eaten strawberry flavored anything since. It's been over 4 decades, and counting. ;)

Fun watching these video clips. 1970s *Count Chocula*, *Franken Berry* & *Boo Berry* Monster Breakfast Cereal Commercial. I loved Frankenberry most.

Sugary cereal was a real treat. They were usually eaten on Saturday mornings during cartoons which was the only day they were aired.

from CBS News

Breakfast cereal mascots: Beloved and bizarre

The Monster Cereals back in the day! I had forgotten all about Fruit Brute!!! And check out the prizes...Monster Bike Spinners!! :-)

from Etsy

1970s FRANKEN BERRY Monster Frankenberry Cereal Toy Premium

1970s FRANKEN BERRY Monster Frankenberry Cereal Toy Premium, via Etsy.