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Top 12 Dairy-Free Tips: How to Successfully Make the Switch

Top 12 Dairy-Free Tips - How to Successfully Make the Switch

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Infographic: 9 Tips For Successful Gluten-Free Baking

“Gluten Free Baking

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How to Go Gluten Free

How to Go Gluten Free - 12 tips and 12 recipes. “Gluten is the glue that makes wheat stick together, so imagine what it is doing inside of your body? It’s really kind of gross to think about.” from Jessica Cohen

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How I Live a Life Without Cheese: Thoughts, Ideas, & Recipes for a Dairy-Free Diet

How I Live a Life Without Cheese. It really is possible! Thoughts, ideas, and 50+ recipes for a dairy-free diet.

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money advice....getting debt free....I don't necessarrily agree with all of this but I will take a closer look later...article included in link.

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Things to do in NYC

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Gluten Free - 20 Tips To Get You Started

Being told you have to go gluten free can be extremely overwhelming. Here are 20 great tips for anyone going gluten free.

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Go on a sugar-free diet! Get a list of what to eat and to avoid

No Sugar Free Food Guide of What to Eat, What to Avoid

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The 28-Day Plastic Purge Challenge

Here are the best ways to avoid the most harmful plastics, without making yourself crazy in the process! | Rodale Wellness

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5 Websites for Improving your Photography and Editing Skills.

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