"Sweet nothing" is a digitally made double exposure piece.

Digitally composed double exposure effects created by Bulgarian photographer Aneta Ivanova. Aneta Ivanova is a young photographer who lives and works in Va

Charlie Bowater, "The Old Astronomer"

The Old Astronomer Art Print

Though my Soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light; I have loved the Stars too fondly to be fearful of the night ༺❁༻ Sarah Williams, The Old Astronomer [Artistry by Charlie Bowater]

I want exactly this with a moon. blow splatter like with the lit crayon on the sidewalk

♡Rocken♡Red♡Angel♡ on

Reminds me of Amelia Pond Wicked World by ShyyBoyy on deviantART

art, be you, beauty, birds, broken, drawing, fly, freedom, heartbroken, live, love, no love, sad, sadness, sketch, speechless

Except the heart being shown inside the rib cage, slowly dispersing into birds flying away.

"Freedom"  ~~  Art Illustraion by Melissa (Ohheymelly)

freedom is like a locked jar of butterflies, you must release them; to enjoy their dancing around the world . release yourself from everything, to be free A.

For my Spare bedroom AKA my reading room .Portrait of Nina Simone to inspire those to seek and fight for freedom. Painted by yours truly and reproduced on high quality art paper with my Epson Printer. (your print is going to be so crisp and b

Nina Simone--Print

"I'll tell you what freedom means to me. NO FEAR" Art Decor for girls Black Girls Inspirational women and quotes.