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Freemason Initiation

See the home of the Knights Templar. Temple Church was constructed in the 12th century by the Knights Templar – a powerful order of crusading monks made famous by Dan Brown in The Da Vinci Code. The building was originally used for Templar initiation ceremonies, and today, visitors can see marble effigies of medieval knights buried on the grounds.


Hiram Abiff - was the priest-architect of King Solomon’s Temple and keeper of ancient mysteries. He was murdered by workmen, in a failed attempt to extract the ancient architect secrets from him. Hiram is praised for keeping these secrets. In the mason ceremonies they act out this ritual murder to reinforce the loyalty that Hiram had with the entrusted secrets and the loyalty that is expected within the brotherhood of masons.


Kinghts templar-secret initiation ceremony-officially endorsed by the Catholic church-became incredibly powerful-tortured into false confessions and burned at the stake-active from 1119-1312-( 2013)


Complete BS. When you join the Freemasons and take the Satanic initiation rites, you sell your soul to Satan. Don't be foolish. Don't be a Freemason.


Famous Masons "Loyalty remains a #1 factor in any occult. We can't grow or solve real problems if we keep secrets, instead, seek within, don't worry about anything else. Trust us, you'll find the light... Everything is upside down or reversed for a reason. And even that reason is given a divine reason (think degree). Masonry was hijacked a long, long time ago, and brothers still speak of the past like its the present. Even the highest degree of the highest order known to you will be misled…