Freeze your celery and green onions! What?!?! This is one of those things that can make or break a recipe, but we don't use it enough to always have it on hand, so freezing it is awesome!

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How to Freeze Fresh Tomatoes the EASY Way! A step by step fool-proof guide to help get the job done!

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This is the BEST way to freeze bacon. Add this to your kitchen and cooking tips and tricks board. Makes weekend breakfasts, weeknight pastas, and special summer BLTs so FAST to make because the rolls defrost in no time, and you can pull out exactly how much you need.

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How to Freeze Raw Ginger Root - You can freeze fresh ginger to prevent it from going bad. Frozen ginger keeps in the freezer for up to 6 months. You can grate it while frozen and add the grated ginger directly to recipes.

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How to Freeze Fresh Herbs in Olive Oil - Freezing fresh herbs in olive oil is the perfect way to preserve herbs! AND! It can go from the freezer straight to the frying pan. #starfinefoods

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Use this master list of foods you can and cannot freeze to preserve all your ingredients with confidence. Now you know exactly what gets mushy and what stays fresh! Also comes in a convenient printable to hang on your fridge.

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