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how to freeze parsley, chives and other herbs


Freeze Parsley

How to Freeze Parsley: I used the first method (the ball method) to freeze a bunch of flat leaf parsley. Pulled a handful of it out of the freezer last night and was so pleased with the results! It still tasted really fresh. Will definitely do this again.


The Easiest Way to Freeze Parsley


Freezing Parsley

Freezing Parsley is easy, and there's more than one way to do it successfully—see how here.

How to freeze parsley and other herbs for winter

How to freeze parsley and other herbs for winter- a tutorial that I hope will help you preserve some of your favorite herbs for winter.


how to freeze parsley, chives and other herbs

freezing chives and other herbs like rosemary, parsley, thyme---and other long term storage tips


Freeze & Preserve Fresh Herbs in Olive Oil — Tips from

If you like to cook with fresh herbs, but find that they go bad before you can use them or if you want to use fresh herbs year round, portion and freeze them in olive oil. Use as needed....


The Easiest Way to Preserve Parsley — Herb Gardening 101

I once read that parsley's flavor is the "summation of all things green." I'd say that's a fitting description of this classic, lively, summer herb. Parsley is one of those herbs that produces exponentially, provided the proper growing situation. If you're growing some in your garden, you most likely have a lot of it on hand. Lucky for you, there's a time-saving way to preserve it. No chopping required.