Divide rooms with french doors-- I love french doors inside the house...there's something very romantic about it. <3

Divide rooms with french doors-- I love french doors inside the house. Now if these were pocket doors as well, I'd be sold!

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Must have French doors on the office/playroom. Shut them up and not hear them and still check to see if they r killing each other. Maybe for the office/dining room

Interior French doors-great idea for homework area (fewer distractions, but not enough privacy to get away with anything. Good place for family computer

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Would love to have this style door on cabinets in insets at Sanctuary.Front Door Style: Classic French Door Entry

Front Door Style

French doors with a fresh Chippendale spin complement the Colonial home’s English roots. The curved muntins and spherical finials on the parapet play off the founded boxwoods lining the front of the home.

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Interior Sliding French Doors with Glass, Norbury Oak Room Divider Door Pair, Side Panels, Frame & Glass