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WWI. "The French government presents a commemorative diploma to the families of French citizens killed in the war. This is a reproduction of the parchment issued in memory of the first Frenchman who fell in the Great War." The nations at war, published 1917.


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Here's a great activity to use while studying taxation and the American Revolution. Pinning for you Laura G. Can't send it to you from my kindle...


Types of Government (Terms) of Canada Play or Readers' Theatre

Types of Government (TERMS) of Canada - Play or Readers' Theatre is a 7 page intro of government terms. It can be accompanied by the Canadian Federal Government and Canadian Provincial and Territorial Government and by the Canadian Municipal Play or Readers' Theatre. Employing humour and simple props, it can be used to introduce government in an engaging, palatable way to our grade 5-8 students. It can also be used to introduce the new Gr. 5, Ontario Social Studies' Inquiry-based…


"African Venus," by Charles Cordier. the woman who posed for this amazing work was named Seïd Enkess. She was a Frenchwoman originally from southern Sudan, who had been enslaved as a child, but worked as model in Paris as an adult.


Colonel James Stewart receives the Croix de Guerre from the French government for his military service in Europe. He served with the US Army Air Force from 1941-1945.


Front of the French Government Tourist Office in London, 1962. Designers Charlotte Perriand (nice person) and Ernő Goldfinger (not nice person, “Goldfinger was known as a humourless man given to notorious rages.” Ian Fleming named Bond villain after him)


villages, vineyards a plenty and endless rolling green hills to drive through on a blissful summer road trip. But there’s one corner of this scenic country that no one has been allowed to enter for nearly a century, known as the “Zone Rouge” (the red zone).