The French Lop Rabbit #french #lop #rabbit

The French Lop Rabbit

A French Lop Rabbit at the Indiana State Fair Photographic Print by Vincent J. Musi at

photo by This rabbit bit me at the Indiana State Fair. It’s true, he seemed nice enough, but it’s always the cute ones that get you and the next thing you know you’re bleeding. We made up in the end and no, I did not bite him back.

Our first French lop of 6 wks old that soon will be added to our family

Adorable French Lop @ 6 wks old!

Sjaan's Franse hangoren in Noord-Brabant Blue Boy

Reminds me of my Spumoni. Sweetest bunny in the world.

Opie, an adorable opal colored French Lop Rabbit - from MN Mommy (Chillin' With My Peeps)

Looks just like the bunny I used to have!

Lop ears are the best bunnies hopefully my mom will let me get my Holland lops soon>.

Such a sweet face --> Lop ears are the best bunnies hopefully my mom will let me get my Holland lops soon>.

Loxxy our French lop bunny eating carrot tops x

Loxxy- French lop bunny eating carrot tops x

Rabbit Headquarters: Meet The Friendly, Giant French Lop & His Friends At Pasir Ris Farmway

Just when you thought that Pasir Ris Farmway is only home to dog farms and dog shelters, tucked away within Ericsson Pet Farm lies the Rabbit Headquarters Singapore (RHQ). A world where cute little critters reign while

Here I am in an UNDISCLOSED LOCATION IN THE UK, which I disapprove of.

From “Anonymous In The UK”

Want one of these big babies so bad!

My girls are rex French lop crosses :) They are CUUUTE

Rabbit breeds recognized by the American Rabbit Breeds Assoication- except the newest breed as of November 2013 (the loinhead). I used to have a mini Rex and he looked exactly like in the picture for mini Rex's

french lop rabbit fabric

french lop rabbit fabric

Calie on

Calie on

The French Lop Rabbit Care Guide

Choosing to get a French Lop is easy, but deciding where to get one from can be a challenge. There are a few options of where to get a French Lop from but which option a person decides upon will.

Giant French Lop Rabbits | fullscreen

Kids Feel Less Alone In The World Because of Giant Rabbits

Bunny bath time

It's bunny bath time.don't miss behind your ears! LOVE watching bunnies wash their ears! So adorable!

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little floppy eared bunny