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Rien n'est éternel (literally: Nothing is eternal) | Nothing lasts forever | /ʁjɛ nɛte.tɛʁ.nɛl/ by frenchwords


bonjourfrenchwords: Il y aura des jours meilleurs | There will be better days | /il.i.jɔ.ʁa de ʒuʁ mɛ.jœʁ/ Aujourd’hui, je pense à toutes les victimes du terrorisme à travers le monde. Je pense sincèrement qu’il y aura des jours meilleurs. Restez forts. | Today, my thoughts go out to all the victims of terrorism throughout the world. I truly think there will be better days. Stay strong. — Julien


Thanks for the butterflies...

This is awesome (translates to "The moment when you start thinking in 2 languages at the same time." c'est moi!!!! I do it all the time, plus now that i'm getting more fluent in espagnol, i sometimes throw some of that in there! adiós!!!