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Freshman Meaning

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Tips for Getting Along With Your College Roommates

Getting along with your roommates doesn't mean that you have to become the best of friends. Living with another person doesn't always play out like a movie montage either.  Sometimes getting along with your roommates requires certain rules and boundaries.

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Last Words - Stay

Have been planning to get this tattoo since my freshman year of high school. Aside from being my favorite punctuation mark to exist, it has such a beautiful meaning. A semicolon is a symbol dedicated to those who have survived suicide attempts, thoughts, and/or have lived to see friends and family struggle with the idea of living. "A semi colon is used when a sentence could have ended, but it didn't." A suicide survivor's life could have ended, but it didn't.

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25 Snacks To Make in Your Dorm Room

Dorm life can be difficult--and usually means eating a lot of cafeteria food. Avoid the freshman fifteen and stick to clean eating with these 25 Simple Snacks You Can Make in Your Dorm Room!

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10 Simple Makeup Tips For Beginners

Dorm rooms are small and cramped between your roommate's stuff and your own clutter. There are tons of tips and tricks out there but here is a condensed list of hacks to save space, time and optimize the fun aspect of dorm living your freshman year. 1. Put...

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The 10 Rules Of Clean Eating

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Project Based Learning: Obstacle Race Course with Area and Perimeter (PBL)

Let students learn how math concepts are connected to the real-world as they design their own OBSTACLE RACE COURSE! Focusing on Area and Perimeter means--Math is everywhere in this project based learning activity (PBL). Designing, creating, and problem solving are key features of this resource. Design An Obstacle Course! $