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Unless you worked at Blue Lake... Friday night with staff band and camper dance could be hell... But Monday was session break... So yeah!

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Perfect Memes to Describe Spring Semester

Happy Friday everyone! Not only am I obsessed with Pinterest, I am obsessed with the e-cards I normally spend hours looking at! Here are some of my favorites: Hope these gave you a good laugh! Are you obsessed with ecards too?? Refuse to sink, xoxo Nicole

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I dont mind going to work, but this 8 hour wait to go home is bullshit. Actually, I really love my workday, but it's funny.

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There comes a point in the work day when you know you're no longer going to be productive. That moment for me was 9:13 AM.

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Just because I came to work today doesnt imply that I've come to actually do work today.

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Funny Workplace Ecard: Some days, the best thing about my job is that my chair spins. hahahahah

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