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Friday Night Lights - Surprising Lessons from a TV Show about Football

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25 TV Shows You Have To Watch From The Beginning

Ok we don't have to watch the show anymore. It's just a show but this is why u have problems. I'm not her. It's a freaking show u shouldn't get so worked up about it!!! I swear you compare me to every cheating girl

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Friday Night Lights poster movie art minimalist poster geekery art print tv show print

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Fantasy Island TV Show - this was pretty good but after a few seasons, it got very predictable. Ricardo Montalban, though, was MMMMM!

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I have a feeling we aren't but I really hope! It's such a good show and something nice to look forward to on Fridays. UPDATE: Girl Meets World has been officially canceled. People are trying to get another network to pick the show up. I think the chances are very low but there's still a chance. In the last episode this Friday, please put "ships" aside. Focus on the real message and the last message that Girl Meets World is leaving you with.

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Watch the return of Dallas on the TNT channel this summer and keep up with the Southfork shenanigans

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TGIF Lineup 1991-92; Baby Talk?

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