Fritz Lang (Austrian film noir expressionist director: Metropolis [1927], M [1931], Cloak and Dagger [1946], The Big Heat [1953], Beyond a Reasonable Doubt [1956]).

A German-Austrian filmmaker, screenwriter, and occasional film producer and actor.

Metropolis is a 1927 German expressionist science-fiction film directed by Fritz Lang. Metropolis takes place in a dystopian society where wealthy intellectuals rule from vast tower complexes, oppressing the workers who live in the depths below them.

A rare Paramount poster, though not the most valuable memorabilia. Not understanding Lang's film, the American studio recut it with a loss of continuity.

Metropolis, 2026. In Metropolis (1927)

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Metropolis (1927) German expressionist science-fiction film directed by Fritz Lang

MOVIES: Metropolis German expressionist science-fiction film directed by Fritz Lang

Learning German the Silent Movie way - Silent movies can be an excellent way to familiarise yourself with German as you just need to focus on the intertitles which can easily be done without interrupting the general flow of film watching.

Shhh…. – Learning German the Silent Movie way

Hollywood, California, 1966 - Fritz Lang. Silent movie director. Photographed by Burt Glinn. S)

Silent movie director, Hollywood, California, 1966 // Photographed by Burt Glinn

Peter Lorre M le maudit de Fritz Lang .1930, en Allemagne. Un homme aborde les petites filles et les assassine. Mais les méfaits de ce malade inquiètent les activités de la pègre qui se sent menacée par un nouvel harcèlement policier. Au cours d'un conseil secret, il est décidé que tous les hommes des bas-fonds se lancent à la recherche de ce criminel pas comme les autres pour le mettre hors d'état de nuire...

Beyond the fact of being a masterpiece this movie is a fascinating illustration of the feverish atmosphere in Germany an few years before they let Hitler take over command. Peter Lorre - Fritz Lang's "M" 1931

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Poster for Fritz Lang's 1933 version of The Testament of Dr. Mabuse, based on the eponymous novel by Norbert Jacques. I'm a huge Mabuse fan and always wanted to pit the Silencer against the villainous Doctor.

Metropolis (1927) -- the German edition of the poster, which had more information than the international version (that one had only the title and the UFA studio logo).

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