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Some Fascinating Poison Dart Frog Facts

Poison dart frogs are extremely toxic because of the alkaloids in the plants eaten by the ants and other insects that the frogs eat. The brilliant colours are a warning to predators about their toxicity.

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Leap into life-cycle study with this fun-to-make frog!

Frog Facts in Story Form on the iPad

1st Grade Frog Project:"We drew and painted frogs and then wrote frog facts. Each student chose a fact for our class book. I took a picture of their art, recorded each students voice in the Chatterkid app and then uploaded them to the Book Creator app. They are two very to use apps and the students LOVED the video. They wanted to watch it a hundred times. Here is our class book video (via link)"

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Leap Day Leap Year activities: FREE "Frog Facts and Lily Pad Fun" packet. These are interesting activities for a frog theme, but fit in well for a Leap Day activity too.

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Red-Eyed Tree Frog

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