FODMAPs Table for FODMAPs Intolerance (fructose malabsorption) [FODMAPs stands for Fermentable(可發酵的) Oligosaccharides(寡醣), Disaccharides(雙醣), Monosaccharides (單醣) And Polyols(多元醇)] 參考文章:

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fructose malabsorption fodmap life

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Fresh Fruits... If you are sensitive to fructose, you don't have to eliminate all fruits, but only fruits that contain more than half of their natural sugars as fructose. The high-fructose fruits you should avoid include apples, cherries, mangoes, watermelon and pears. You can safely have moderate amounts of low-fructose fruits, such as honeydew melon, cantaloupe, bananas, blueberries, strawberries and oranges, if they are well spaced throughout the day.

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