Gnat trap: 1/3 c apple cider vineagar/2 tsp water/ 1 drop dawn. Put together in container and place where gnats are a problem.

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DIY Fruit Fly Trap - takes 2 minutes to make and works AWESOME! { }

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How to get rid of fruit flies easily and effectively. This totally works! Within the first half hour I had already caught 10.

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How to get rid of fruit flies, before AND after they enter your home
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Our trick for getting rid of fruit flies is simple: put three drops of dish soap (whatever kind you use) into 1 cup of vinegar and leave it out in a bowl. The vinegar will attract the flies to the bowl and the soap will reduce the surface tension so the flies sink to the bottom.

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I poured about a half of a cup of apple cider vinegar into a small mason jar with about two squirts of dish detergent. I then took a piece of parchment paper or you could use wax paper to seal the mason jar. I then poked holes in the paper with the tip of a pen. This works amazing!! I caught more than three quarters of the fruit flies in my kitchen in less than 24 hours!

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