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Drama As Jesus Is Caught In The Forest Eating Wild Fruits With His Wife In Kenya The man pictured above is an Australian man fromPerth who shares a striking resemblance with the popular image Christians believe to be Jesus Christ. Mr Daniel recently came to Kenya on a tourist visitand ended up causing a stir after many people besieged him thinking he was the biblical Jesus. But the man has time and again said he is nowhere near the Messiah and insists he only shares the name with the…

Tall rock. Dark blue h2o. No style or finesse. Jump. Feet together, chin up, and hands at side or straight up when ya hit. Smack! Curve before bottom. Did 63 feet, but saw a friend cry, with arms out and in sitting position. Promised not to tell his name.


Leheath Stronghold: This walled castle has white stone walls, and a round keep with a massive central fireplace. The lady of the castle is a woman named Gythiua. The castle courtyards are filled with fruit trees and gardens.


Guardian Angel, watch over those whose names you can read in my heart. Guard over them with every care and make their way easy and their labours fruitful. Dry their tears if they weep; sanctify their joys; raise their courage if they weaken; restore their hope if they lose heart, their health if they be ill, truth if they err, repentance if they fail.


Cute veggie pictures- print out for flashcards for learning Spanish, or put magnets on the back for the fridge. Veggie Tray Pictures in Spanish PDF via Etsy.