"One of the biggest mistakes you could make is to cause the woman you love to feel like she can’t talk to you. “Once she feels like she can’t communicate with you, she becomes frustrated. That frustration will slowly turn into anger and resentment. The little things then become the big things. Before you know it, you’re arguing over something that, to you, seems small; but to her, it’s not the one thing, it’s the combination of all the things she feels like she can’t talk to you about. “My…

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You only THINK you cant live without it . Once you let that shit go you slowly realize just how much better off you are without it . I loved my Job , and those I worked with but The amount of Stress , worry , frustration and anxiety is not worth my happiness . I made a chose to leave , I knew I wanted better , feel free , not burdened by everyone elses faults , issues or worries . It feels so good to just be free of all that and living happy .

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Amen. When I see that puzzled look come across someone's face, I know they aren't meant for my team's desire to shoot for the moon. Bless and release. Even those who don't "get" you deserve some love ❤️

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A Libra gets irritated when they can't find harmony around them. Everything needs to be at a balance at all times.

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Your promises were lies. Your words meant nothing. Your vows and I love yous meant less than nothing. You are a liar and a coward.

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