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Excuse the profanity but honestly, I just wanted you to know that I always loved you and I still do. Don't tell me I don't, cuz all I'll do is cry in frustration because I can't prove it anymore. I went and got help cuz I needed it, and I wanted to heal myself to heal the friendship. Again, friendship. That was the only thing I saw was possible at that point. And that's all I wanted. Then I don't know where you went. I was straight up empty, so I went back for more help.


Most men cannot listen to a woman's feelings and realize the way he handles it, responds to it, what he does from that moment on sets the tone. Often she's not bitching to bitch, she's needing you to hear something and learn. Her expression of her feelings and needs does not make her a bitch.

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Benghazi: A comprehensive guide to a fake scandal

Seems strange doesn't it that republicans cut embassy security funding by half a billion dollars one year prior to the Benghazi attack and then are outraged that it occurred. All the investigations concluded it was due to lack of security, you know the security that could of existed if the republican congress hadn't cut funding for it.


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Emma Swan and Killian Jones - 6 * 1 "The Saviour" #CaptainSwan


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Here's a closer look of yesterday's pumpkin look 🎃. I also wanted to mention that these looks take hours to do. This was my first time attempting many of the Halloween looks I've done so far so try motto get frustrating if it doesn't work out the first time. Just keep at it and be patient. Look was inspired by the lovely @katiealves. 🎃⚰🎃 ____________________________________________________ SWEATER: @disturbia, FACE: @kryolanofficial Aqua colours, @limecrimemakeup ...

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Prayer Of The Day - Heal My Heart Lord

Prayer Of The Day – Heal My Heart Lord --- Dear Lord, My heart is broken.  For all different reasons really.  I know I am not the only one.  There are other wives who also have broken hearts.  Crushed beneath the weight of unmet expectations, in anguish over arguments, frustrated about having … Read More Here #marriage #love

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Prayer: Letting Go Of Frustrations

Prayer Of The Day – Letting Go Of Frustrations --- Dear Lord, I hate being frustrated at my husband. It ruins my day. It separates us into isolation. It causes negative thoughts to swirl around my mind. It fuels fights between us over meaningless issues. Please Lord help me to be able to let go of frustra… Read More Here #marriage #love

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How To Manage Students Who Are Demanding Your Attention

Are you a middle school or elementary teacher who is frustrated by lines of students wanting your attention? You are going to want to check out this post containing an easy strategy that both you AND your substitute teachers will love!


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