Play Doh Fun Factory My Favorite Play Doh Toy.... And My Only Play Doh Toy, Man I Wanted The Haircut One I Was Sick Of Making Spaghetti!!!

Play Doh Fun Factory Always wanted this but my mom wouldn't let me. Hate cleaning up play doh.

"PLAY DOH FUN FACTORY". I don't know onw kid who didn't play with play doh!!...

Play-Doh Fun Factory by Playskool--My mom refused to buy Playdoh because she said we'd make a mess. I have bought tons of it for my kids!

Kids love playdoh!  They won't even know they are learning!  :) Primary Possibilities: Play-Doh Fun!

Letting students learn with pay dough! Good way to keep students interested in learning.

"starry sky" play doh- fun for a space birthday party!

Galaxy Playdough

DIY galaxy play dough: 2 cups of plain flour 2 cups of water with black and blue food coloring 1 Tbsp. of cooking oil 1 Tbsp. cream of tartar 1 cup of salt glitter on the table

Primary Possibilities: Play-Doh Fun!

Playdough cards and counters. Could use color playdough that matches bead stair.

CVC Playdoh Mats- Students create the vowel sound with play-dough!  Hands on learning!

CVC Short Vowel Dough Pack {Common Core Aligned}

Primary Possibilities: Play-Doh Fun!

Great activity center idea: Laminated clock card, times cards, and playdoh.

Play Doh Fun Factory Set

Play Doh Fun Factory Set

Primary Possibilities: Play-Doh Fun!

Who's looking to put a little more fun into their literacy and math stations? If you're struggling with they new vigor vs. fun dilemma in e.

Play Doh Fun Factory Set

Amazing Natural Lavender Kids Play Dough Recipe

Play-Doh Fun Factory Set - Fun Factory tool squeezes out colorful Play-Doh shapes Load Play-Doh compound and press the lever Attachable rails create a variety of shapes