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Classroom Escape Room (Review Game)

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Giving Advice ESL Printable Game – Fun English Activity | English Worksheets, Lesson Plans, Activities, Games, Puzzles

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Playing Spoons in the Classroom {Highly Engaging Review Game}

If you have every played Spoons, then you know how fun and engaging that game is. Have you ever thought about playing Spoons in the classroom? This post explains how teachers can use an academic version of the highly engaging Spoons game to review concepts. Free games included!

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Socrative Smackdown - Interesting game approach to teaching argument and debate

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Vocabulary Die: use as a game in the classroom to go over vocabulary words. The sides say: act it out, define it, synonym or antonym, draw it, use it in a sentence, and your choice. Great way for kids to get creative! #learning #spanish #kids

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Top 10 Board Games for the ESL Classroom with instructions. Resembles popular games

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Would You Survive Jamestown?

A fun activity to complete a unit on the early English settlements of North America. My students love this game!

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Very, very good book with a lot of games to get a good English class on basic level perhaps in high level too. I think so.

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