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Radically Diverse Australian Fungi Photographed by Steve Axford

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Maidens Veil Fungi - the cap is covered with a greenish-brown spore-containing slime, which attracts flies and other insects that eat the spores and disperse them. (Wiki)

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Morel Mushroom (Morchella esculenta var. vulgaris)

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Blue Oyster Mushroom

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Hericium coralloides, a fungi. Photo via wikipedia.

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Fungi mushrooms really like the delicate lines really pretty looking for a mushroom More

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- Turkey Tail #MUSHROOM #champignon #seta

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Pilobolus sp. The fastest thing on earth. The spore is called Pilobolus which accelerates 0-45 mph in the first millimeter of flight.

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Organ Pipe Fungi

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Inspirational Patterns that can be interpreted by #SICIS The Art Mosaic Factory and be created into a custom #mosaic

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. : forest jewelery : . - Once again this fragile beautiful forest jewelery... hope it will not be boring for you guys :)

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The babe laughed a laugh that filled all the hollow spaces in the forest. As I fairy I smiled and helped carry it to the tree. Any abandoned or orphaned creatures we brought to our sanctuary. The head fairy, my mother, was the in charge and each fairy was assigned a creature. I was lucky and got the first human. (credit to @Wizard003)

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Mycena sp, Cavite, Philippines, Oct 9, 2011.

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The most powerful hallucinogen on this planet is called love. Highly addictive! You will see and hear things that don’t exist. - Paulo Coehlo

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This mushroom is awesome!! Cyttaria gunnii- saw these in Tierra del Fuego -Would be cool as a lamp shade...

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Cookeina tricholoma.

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Orange pore fungus (Favolaschia calocera) by volvob12b on Flickr

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Purchawka chropowata (Lycoperdon perlatum) ejecting spores More known as Puffball mushroom

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Bleeding Fairy Helmet (Mycena Haematopus) ~ By Stefano Vianello

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