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Thursday Random Funny Pictures

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MEME – Funny Baby - Funny Pictures, LOL, Jokes and MEME updated hourly by Funny Pictures Blog

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Produtos para bebês e crianças

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I Am Baby Destroyer of Diapers | Baby One-Piece

With funny baby clothes like this everyone will know this funny baby because "I am baby, destroyer of diapers." This nerdy baby one piece is perfect for fans of poop jokes, poop humor, baby humor and baby jokes. | HUMAN

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23 Reasons Why Trying To Be Cute On The Internet Is A Terrible Idea

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I fight you,there can be only one

I fight you,there can be only one | Funny Jokes, Quotes, Pictures, Video

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crude oil. Wait, gasoline? crude oil? Why do we slather this stuff all over our children? Well, mostly because its cheap and abundant so manufacturers sell it to us and tell us its good for our skin. The honest truth is it is actually harmful to our health.

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