EYEBROW EPIC FAIL!   I'm guessing her geometry and trig grades were similar.  Maybe she has one of the magic mirrors that tell 55yr men with potty-body and a bad toupeé "LOOKIN' GOOOD!!"

Long division eyebrows More (This took me a minute, but well worth it, rofl)

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My heart: If only i owned a dog. My mastermind brain: well, there are always stray dogs

"Sorry, my eyebrows are in a fight and they need some time apart"

Your eyebrows are out of CONTROL (23 photos)

mirrors don't lie and lucky for you they don't laugh                                                                                                                                                      More

You are too old to dress like that. You are too old to act like that. You are a dried up, ragedy old whore. But your mirror can't say that either. I sure the fuck can.

It's Your Eyebrows Tee

It's Your Eyebrows Tee

Need someone to realize that you really like hanging out with him or her, but those eyebrows are just awful? Try wearing this funny and honest tee next time you