funny looking goat- what if i looked like this when i got up in the morning

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goats are so funny and lovable. Such a funny headband with flowers that look like horns on this picture of a nubian goat.

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Because I'm a capricorn and must remember that I have very good footing when climbing mountains. Goats doing what they usually do…

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This goat who just wants to get an education. | 27 Pictures That Might Make You Laugh For Once In Your Life

Omg...a baby goat in the bathroom sink getting a bath... I want this to be happening in my house... #funny #pictures #photos #pics #humor #comedy #hilarious #cute #goat #animals

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Goat Simulator: Home Edition< why the hell not have goats at indoor pets?! im sure you could train them to use the bathroom goats are cool as hell.

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