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OH MY GOODNESS YES! [ " [ \\\"This has to be what the goalie is thinking when Sid is on a breakaway!\\\", \\\"Hockey Memes on\\\", \\\"Imagine having to STO

hockey_memes_forever: "Like if you agree that hockey players are tough!!!!! PC: @jakequigley27 DM me funny memes!!!"

3 year crush just had her first sex in a party next to our room, this is how I felt when I could hear it.

Clever advertising!

The website Boost Creative put this ad on the visitors' bench in the Everglades' hockey arena. This is creative and effective because the ad is not only exposed to everyone in the stadium, but also to TV audience when it is shown on tv.

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The Country You've Tried To Reach Is Watching Hockey. Please Try Again After The Game. This is Canada