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funny mom text messages. I should print some of these and make a picture frame for mom for mothers day!

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18 Texts We Never Should've Sent

Mum,Mummy,Mom,Mommy,Mama,Mamma! What? HI!HEHEHEHEHEHE I<3 stevey Not one I didn't get even one hahaha

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MomI'm going away for the weekend! I hid $100 under the pile of cloths in ur room! Clean it and the money is yours! | OK | I cleaned it! Where's the money? | There is no money, I wanted you to clean your room! ;) | Cruel..!

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Hey mom I got detention:( | What?!?! What happened and you're grounded. | Well when the teacher was standing in front of the chalk board she asked all idiots to stand up... | Ok so?? | I stood up and said to her 'well I didn't want you to feel lonely.' | You're ungrounded you just made my day and everyone else here at work too.

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